Don’t make em, live em!

There is something about classic film photography that gets me excited. You get one shot and one shot only (well sort of but let me get all deep and meaningful on you guys). Photography has taught me so many life lessons.

– Don’t capture the moment, be in the moment

– Always take time to recharge your batteries to the fullest so you can always capture a moments full potential

– Never be afraid to try new angles

– If you don’t get it the first time…try again

– There is always a chance to develop the negatives

And the cool thing is? I have only just begun.


Author: moemahara

I'm 19. Live with my dad, brother, and boy. 3 guys are a pain but my hearts. I have 2 puppies who I love way too much. I live in Wharekahika. I work in Media and study it too. Follow me on my journey to save money, train for Iron Maori, study Media, work in Media, serve my people, pick up rubbish and eat lots and lots of food.

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