These probably ain’t blogs…but what even is social norm

My partner asked me tonight ‘did anything amazing happen today’. I would usually say something about the famous person I interviewed, or something spectacular I felt I done.
But no, my answer was. “Yup. I woke. I am living.”

For me that was an awesome thing. At work I met two amazing rangatahi from around the world who are apart of the YWAM kaupapa. They go into communities around the world and serve out of the kindness of their hearts. Now if I can take an excert out of a couple of notes they left with me “Life is more than work and money and acceptance from the people around you.”

Now I would never in a day blame the way I am for the acceptance of others but I will and would say that I was the way that I was to be accepted by others. I felt that I needed to paint my canvas with the wring shades in order to be the painting that I thought I needed to be.

Their korero only made me realise and help me to better on my days of giving. 364 days to go…geez how fast hehe.

Now my highlight of the day (pic) was seeing my mother in law in her garden. It has taken her 6 years to revive it but it just made me happy. To see someone who has had a hand in raising many people do something for herself and literally watch the fruits flourish. I look forward to one day dipping her strawberries in chocolate sauce or maybe even a fresh salad.

But for now I sit in comfort knowing that even though there are weeds with bad roots bigger than my thighs the foundations of the garden still remain the same…and when you too are ready to start your garden fresh. I hope it brings you comfort too 

Mauri ora & pomarie.