I legit have $25.24 r/n



Hello land of Moerangi’s minimal blog readers.

So I thought I would give you all an up to date of the first ever blog I originally posted. The best thing I have ever did in my life financially was save with one of the most trust worthy men I know, my uncle. The worst thing I have ever done for my “wants” was save money with my uncle lol.

I legit have $25.24 to my name at the moment #ballin but I couldn’t be any happier!

These past few days I have just been full on planning my future with random brain spurts (lets hope), dreams and ideas.

Back to money saving lol. It really isn’t all it is cut out to be. I mean you don’t just put $300 away a week and after 6 months you are a millionaire. Heck no. It is a whirl wind of trials and errors. You really do need to budget in the mishaps and the miscellaneous cos trust me they happen.

Here is an update of my payment schedule.

  • $100 p/w Rent
  • $50 p/w Power
  • $150 p/w Food
  • $80 p/w Gas
  • $25 p/w SKY
  • $10 p/w School Fees
  • $10 p/w Kaupapa
  • $75 p/mth Wi-Fi (duhh gotta get dat wiiiifiii whanux)
  • $93 p/fortnight (on something dumb that I shouldn’t have done LOL)

And usually I put in $300 p/w to my savings account (with my uncle) but for the past month I have been skipping those payments because I didn’t plan for the mishaps. My car needed a warrant and then it spiraled downwards fromΒ there haha.

In all honesty it was embarrassing. Especially when I thought I saw myself as a financially stable for a person my age.

But don’t ever be too proud to admit it rangatahi ma! Straight up (or is it just me who doesn’t lol). But really in all seriousness don’t. It can seriously kill your ego (for some that is a good thing). Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Are you getting me yet or should I keep on nagging?

So what I done is jumped onto sorted.org.nz and re-evaluated my calculator on there. For some you may want to tell an aunty or ask a budgeter. Just do something that helps and works for you.

Anyways I am getting sick of myself. Imagining if I was reading this I would be telling the author to shut up. So, bye lol.

Author: moemahara

I'm 19. Live with my dad, brothers, and darling. 4 guys are a pain but my hearts. I have 2 puppies who I love way too much. I live in Wharekahika. I work in Media and study it too. Follow me on my journey to save money, train for Iron Maori, study Media, work in Media, serve my people, pick up rubbish and eat lots and lots of food.

4 thoughts on “I legit have $25.24 r/n”

  1. Yaaaaaas girl! Totally get you on the unexpected payments part. Geeeez you have heaps of expenses, I guess that’s why my savings looks a lot different cause I legit have barely any payments of responsibilities these days!

    I’m not sure if this’ll help but I think you should see what payments are unnecessary and where you can cut back. Like that one for that thing you shouldn’t have gotten lol. See if you can get out of the contract (Even if that costs you $200) at least you won’t be paying it for an extended period.

    You made me remeber I have a blog that I haven’t posted on In forever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ better start writing again


  2. Oohh I love the tips! Thanks heaps…haha ma goodness that was a loan I got 2 years ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜£. Idiot I know lol…not long until it is paid off. Haha I know I am like a mama to my brothers and father so it’s like life πŸ˜‚. Wish all these bills could go back to savings…

    PS Who do you think the cursed child is πŸ˜‚. I think Delphi or Scorpius lol.


  3. Kiaora Moe! The fact that you even think about saving at your age is amazing! A good book to read is Richest Man in Babylon. And remember some of the tips Matua Pale talked about in his financial literacy session – Ae, the wants and the needs. Stay away from credit cards & humbug no interest for X months HPs etc. Make sure you have Kiwisaver at work coz that can really build up over time and you can’t touch it until you are ready to buy your first home or retire πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Good luck!


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