Year 13 makes your mind go WHAT

10408609_448748618632875_5166919918868435070_nYear 13. If you’ve been there you may know what I mean. If you haven’t, read this and it may give you some clarity on why your mind is like WHAT when you get there.

You know what I’m talking about. The year nearly everyone around you asks what your plans are for next year, how’s school going, what your marks are like, blah the blah the blah. Now I don’t mean this in a way to down education because education is amazing and important. But it seriously is a hard stage in some of our schooling lives. WHAT.

You know what I’m talking about. The year you may try to impress everyone, or even apply to uni for things you truly don’t want to do, the year you try and live up to others expectations on who you should be. Ya feel me? If you do keep reading. If you are like ‘what the heck is she going on about’ you are amazing and do not need to read my long bore of a blog.

When I was Year 13 I wanted to be a doctor, a scientist, a director, an actor, a presenter, heck I even contemplated the dole. I applied for uni, I got offered jobs but none of them truly fancied me. My mind was like WHAT.

But then I had the job offer of my dreams. It was the perfect job for me. Everything was in place. But then I had priorities and things changed and my mind went from WHAT to WHAT THE F!@#$. Honestly.

Straight after the kura with priorities I had to get a job that kept my priorities intact. Thankfully enough I worked at my kura for 7 months. With priorities still intact my tumuaki helped me get a job in Media. Something I love doing. And I’ve been there ever since. I’m studying Media, I work in Media and quite frankly I love it.

If you are still bored you’d be still reading and know that I am saving for Uni. I plan on going to Waikato. To study what? I’m not too sure. I just know. I want to further myself in education.

Tips to survive Year 13? Passion. Be passionate. If you want to be an artist be a damn artist! If you want to be a writer write away. If you want to be a doctor doctor away. Lol ok yeah that last part didn’t make sense I’m not sure this blog did. But honestly you seriously can do whatever you want to. Do not let other peoples expectations get in your way. You could maybe use it as advice because let’s be honest sometimes only others see our best qualities right?

My last tip? Be prepared. Be prepared for the big wide world. Be ready. But have fun. Dream big. Set goals. Stay focused (ok that was more than one). But really? BE YOU .

Love and light blog nation.

What do you title a blog


I was so inspired on what blogging was so I decided to do it myself. It’s probably going to be boring, long and pointless but it sounds time consuming and I love it. This year is a year of journey for me but I’ll share part of it with you! I have a goal of $10,000 which is more achievable than I thought. At the beginning of the year I figured out how I was going to achieve that…well that was a big fat fail and it went all out the window lol. So now I put my savings into my Uncles account ($300 p/week).

But just to give you guys a realistic look into my funds I’ll share a little more. Oh and I’m saving for Uni next year lol.


I pay rent which sucks but everyone needs a roof over their head it’s $100 a week.

Power too cos I love Criminal Minds and you need TV for that so that’s $50 a week.

SKY because well MY SKY is great and I love GARAGE and the BOX and Haka’s of course and that’s $25 a week.

My brothers school fees because he likes to buy school uniform like they fall out of the sky and that’s $15 a week.

Koha to a kaupapa I love which is $10 a week.

And I pay off this thingy which we shall not dicsuss what this thingy is but it is $93 a fort night. I’m thinking of upping these payments to pay it off faster.

Food because well duh ‘FOOD’ I spend like $150-$200 a week. I live with 3 men so bare with my long receipt lol.

Oh and gas because like how do you go anywhere lol and that’s like $100 or so a week.

+ the $300 a week I put into savings.

Expenses: $450-$500 p/week + $93 p/fortnight. Savings: $300 p/week.


If I had any tips it would be to budget. Honestly it’s so easy! I know not much 19 year olds have the income I have or the responsibilities I have but whether you earn $20 a week or $200 a week. Budgeting makes it so much easier.

Another tip would be to make do with what you have. Trust me. I’m the online shopper from way back (ask the lady at the shop with all my boxes lol). Do you really NEED that seventh pair of shoes? Probably not so instead of paying $50 on your shoes put it in ya savings or in your uncles account like me.

Make your lunch. Seriously if you work, go to school or uni. Make your lunch. I use to buy coffee and pancakes (faaaa) haha everyday and my uncle made me figure out how much that was in a year. It’s like $2000. Seriously. Amazing huh!!

Last tip would be to set small goals e.g March = $200 and December = $10,000. No matter the goal always aim higher. The more you save the more you want to save.


Love and light all my money savers. That sounded too gay. Lol pomarie.